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RECEPTION OF TUBES IN THE FACTORY THE APTF PROJECT OPTS FOR SOTICI PRODUCTS Technical assistant to the owner of the APTF project, the BNETD certifies the quality of SOTICI products

A delegation made up of SODECI, BNETD and ONEP was on a mission to the SOTICI plant to receive an order under the APTF project, Improving Technical and Financial Performance in the water sector. Led by Madame Madeleine-GOBLE, the mission consisted of carrying out checks and tests on the tubes in the laboratory, in accordance with international standards. It was under the watchful eye of the SODECI-BNETD-ONEP triptych that the operations were carried out in the greatest transparency. According to the head of mission, this project is an emergency program of the Ivorian government to provide people with access to drinking water. However, SOTICI’s Commercial Department took the opportunity to showcase all its know-how for nearly fifty years and recent innovations. Professionalism was at the center of this meeting, which strengthened trust between the partners. As technical assistant to the owner of this project, BNETD certified the quality of the tubes ordered. PARGUIN

APTF head of mission and hydraulic engineer by profession, Madame Madeleine-GOBLE

The State therefore made this program an emergency. It was first necessary to carry out studies to estimate this need, and then to translate it into a project to lay pipes. We started it in May 2020. Today, we are in the execution phase, that is to say the laying of the pipes. It is within this framework that we are at SOTICI for the reception of the pipes that must be delivered to SODECI. These are mainly PVC and HDPE pipes. Taking the opportunity, we visited all of the plant’s facilities and learned about its expertise. We retain from this visit, at first glance, beyond the ISO certification, the technical dexterity and performance demonstrated by the production units. SOTICI is innovating, improving and gaining space, as we have seen by also visiting several of its new sites. In addition, the laboratory has carried out all the tests and controls in force to attest to the quality of the products ordered. In view of all this, we can conclude that SOTICI is a dynamic company which makes quality. Indeed, we have been coming for the reception of tubes at SOTICI for several years, and the experience feedback on the use of pipes in the field is good. Both in terms of hospitality and the quality of the services offered, you demonstrated rigorous professionalism during this visit. Thank you for the welcome and good luck to SOTICI.