U-PVC Electric Ducts – IRO

Small Diameters, Huge reliability


Light grey color PVC IRO pipes are delivered in standard lengths of 3 meter long, with plain ends. IRO pipes gives many advantages and properties like :

  • Remarquable insulating properties, given by the PVC
  • Flexibility, they can be adapted to the curves of any instalation ,
  • Pliable, in cold or hot conditions,
  • Implementation and easy handling,
  • Shock resistance,
  • Resistant to acids, bases and salts,
  • Smooth interior, cables instalation become easier
  • Our range of IRO electrical ducts :


    Outside Diameter(mm)

    Inside Diameter(mm)

    9 15.2 12
    11 18.6 15.5
    13 20.4 17.3
    16 22.5 19.3
    21 28.3 24.6



Perfect in buildings or electrical cable networks, IRO ducts are practical and handling is easy on site. Although their application is similar to ORANGE ducts, their rigidity makes them extra protection for exposed wires. IRO ducts may be cuttes or trimmed to fit the corners and narrow spaces.

During production, IRO ducts are regularly controled by our laboratory team and testing them to ensure the best quality for our ducts.


SOTICI’s IRO ducts are marked to ensure full traceability of our products. In addition to the date and production time, we can go back to the raw material which was used to produce the pipe. The marking is composed by :



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