SOTICI : Société de Transformation Industrielle en Côte d'Ivoire

Your guarantee for water supply.

SOTICI (Société de Transformation Industrielle en Cote d’Ivoire) was established in 1972. With over 30 years of experience in the PVC and PE extrusion field, SOTICI has become the leading manufacturer of PVC pipes in West Africa. Sotici’s clients are contractors, hardware dealers, borehole drilling companies, water supply companies, telephone and cable companies. SOTICI exports over 70 percent of its production to 26 African countries. SOTICI manufactures a complete line of PVC tubes ranging from 20 to 500 mm for different applications, Polyethylene (PE) tubes in diameters from 20 to 63 mm, and PVC fittings and accessories

SOTICI owns WTPI (Water Technology Plastics Industries), a production facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, that manufactures special PVC pipes for the borehole drilling industry. Another subsidiary of SOTICI is SOTISEN (Société de Transformation Industrielle du Senegal), and a representation office in Togo (SOTICI TOGO).

SOTICI was the first to obtain it’s ISO certification, it has been ISO Certified since 1998. In May 2003, SOTICI was certified ISO9001:2000 by AFAQ ASCERT INTERNATIONAL, and today still meets the highest requirements of the International Standard.

SOTICI relies on the technical assistance of ALFACAN, of the ATOFINA group, a world leader in the PVC market. SOTICI has an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons.

Servicing the African Continent

With 30 years experience, SOTICI has become the preferred PVC pipe supplier of all companies accross the African Continent. These companies vary from borehole drilling companies, to contracting firms, to telecom companies, water companies, or simple hardware shops... Sotici products are available in 26 African countries.

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